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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Is This The Most Expensive Cat In The World? - Update

Further to my post last Sunday, I have found a picture of Zeus. It was published in the Guardian newspaper today. There is also an article to accompany the picture. If you live in the UK there is a program about the cat on BBC on Sunday 31st August. Interestingly it seems that somebody has agreed to pay the incredible fee!



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I was looking for this pic for quite a while because I heard about the cat. I found it on here and now I'm happy!!! yay


5sec google search brought me here

that is a cool looking cat!

ok, done with this page lol :p


u say alot about the cat but how much was it
where is it from ?

Shaiann Near

How much was the kitten sold for. its sooooooooo cute. it looks like bengal domestic cat mix with a leopard with part minx.

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