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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Man Has Toes Transplanted Onto Hand So He Can Fish

BBC: Angler's Toes Replace Lost Fingers

This is one strange operation that has a happy ending.

A keen angler has had two toes transplanted onto his hand by plastic surgeons, so that he can carry on fishing after an horrific accident.

Colin Thomas, 58, from Swansea, south Wales, lost all eight fingers when both his hands were caught in a roller at a steel plant. He feared his fishing days were over because he could not hold a rod, nor could he reel in his catch, without fingers. But surgeons came to the rescue in a 13-hour operation to take a toe from each foot to transplant onto his right hand. Doctors told him he was the first person in Britain to have two toes transplanted onto his hand.

Colin, a keen angler since he was nine-years-old now goes out fishing almost every day.


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