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Sunday, August 24, 2003

P2P Helping CD Sales?

Zeropaid: P2P Helps CD Sales

According to new research P2P applications are driving CD sales rather than hindering them. Perhaps now the RIAA will now realise that there are other reasons for the drop in sales one of which is manufactured 'bands' singing crap music.

Critics of the Recording Industry Association of America and its hard line of file sharing have long suggested this to be the case and now research from Nielsen/NetRatings supports the claim.

The findings revealed that of those using file-sharing services to download music, the majority (71 per cent) regularly buy music either online or on the high street.

Perhaps the real truth is something the RIAA is unprepared to face up to. Many critics have suggested the homogenising of the music industry is the real reason for the CD slump of recent years.

Endless streams of indistinguishable boy bands, churning out cover versions, and the proliferation of the Pop Idol format, has seen the music industry stagnate in recent years.


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