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Monday, December 29, 2003

World's Largest Snake Caught

Local6: World's Largest Snake Caught

The 49ft Python with her offspring

Indonesian villagers claim to have captured a python that is almost 49.21 feet long and weighs nearly 992.07 pounds, an official said Monday. If confirmed, it would be the largest snake ever kept in captivity.

Hundreds of people have flocked to see the snake at a primitive zoo in Curugsewu village on the country's main island of Java, Republika reported. It splashed two large pictures of the reptile across its back page.

Local government official Rachmat said the reticulated python measured 49 feet and weighed in at 985 pounds.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the longest ever captured snake to be 32 feet. The heaviest -- a Burmese Python kept in Gurnee, Illinois -- weighs 403 pounds, the book said on its Web site.

Rebublika said the snake, which was caught last year but only recently put on public display, eats three or four dogs a month.

Reticulated pythons are the world's longest snakes. They are capable of eating animals as large as sheep, and have been known to attack and consume humans. The species is native to the swamps and jungles of Southeast Asia.

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Sissy Willis

Close, but no cigar:

Sissy Willis

Sissy Willis

The BIG one!



Darek Tartini

the snake acually was beliaved to be 49 feet when acually measured it turned out to only be 29 feet 3 feet shorter than the world record but the snake was sold to a zoo from the tribe but the officials beliave that the tribe searched to find the biggest retic. they could to sell to the zoo becuase they worship the 49 foot reticualated python so there possible still is a 49 foot retic out there but tis not the one at the zoo they indonesian people would never sell what they worship. Thanks Darek


i saw it on picture, its really a large snake, reticulated pythons is the largest snake on earth...
it usually found on SE asia like in the philippines...if anyone got a picture of it pls..send me one....


This is definitely not the largest snake in the world, it's just a bullshit story to make money. The largest snake in the world may be an anaconda somewhere in the Amazon. Some villagers there talk about 100ft snakes but they have never been pictured or filmed as suprisingly no crew have been present, and the villagers have been shit scared and ran for there lives. But I do beleive that there is an absolute massive snake/s somewhere in the world.

Alfonso Gamez

I just cant believe it, so it makes u wonder what else is out there...


do u have photos?




hey yude.... anacondas are no where near the length of this size of python... it says at the bottome of the article this is the Longest snake.... heaviest is probably an anaconda but get ur shit together before u post.

A june

Anacondas is the largest snake but the reticulated pythons weights more. the movies anacondas got people thinking that anacondas are the biggest snakes but there not. no snake that size can move like that


the anacondas are the heaviest and the phytons are the longest but if you fed these two creatures very well, it can grow into their max. What do you think?


hey yude, do you have a picture of your 100 ft long anaconda? so you believe in mythology huh? you must do a research before you post your bullshit on the internet. according to science and zoology, anacondas are relatively stouter relative to length than python but pythons are the largest snakes in the world. they dont stop growing when provided with sufficient food. on national geographic, an 15 ft long full-grown anaconda can prey on alligators, BUT small ones of about 2 ft long. on the other hand a medium sized python of about 15 ft long can devour a 5-7 ft long adult alligator. actual specimens and living pythons prove them to be the largest. no anaconda was reported to have ever been killed or captured that match the size of a 32 ft python, how much more can an anaconda match the actual 49 1/2 ft long living python?

Watan Dubey

Yes we know very well that the reticulated python is the largest snake on the planet but this one doesn't seem to be. so if someone has got any pic.of the larest one please send me that.

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