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Friday, January 23, 2004

The Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding

Greg Valentino
To normal, untrained people, those who choose to lift weights to get bigger are considered freaks. Why, they say, would anyone put themselves through all that just to get bigger biceps and more defined abs? Are they obsessed? Do they suffer from low self-esteem? To the people who lift weights recreationally, professional bodybuilders are the real freaks. Why do they risk their health to look like that when most people think they look disgusting anyway? Do they have psychological "issues?" Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Small penises?

But who is it that the professional bodybuilders call a freak? Who is the freak's freak? Answer: Greg Valentino.

A question for the female viewers of this site: Is this attractive in any way at all?

Personally I think it looks painful. [via The Presurfer]


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Sara Ware

I feel for Valentino, who is obviously so proud of himself, and yet has successfully managed to separated himself from "normal" society (and not in a good way)! A freak would be defined as anyone who could actually think this guy's arms are attractive. Ugh.

joanne! That is just gross.

danelle lemaigre

He looks like se spent too much time in the gym.


This guy is a disgrace to bodybuilding. You will find that most bodybuilders are more approachable than most and you don't have to be huge to be a body builder. Each to their own- I have my opinion and you have yours. There is good and bad in all walks of life.

andrew cady

valentino is not affraid to speak what he feels unlike most of us he has nothing to prove. hes entertaining to say the least its easy to point the finger in society and greg would simply say stick that finger up your ass and fuck off


Je mag niet vergeten dat body-builders non-stop met hun sport bezig zijn. training, dieet, cardio,... petje af voor deze man die al veel bereikt heeft! niet onderschatten!

Rainer Bronner

Hi, I am a natural drug-free bodybuilder. Greg Valentino is an extreme example of the synthol use
that has found it's way amongst certain pro bodybuilders. These days, if you go to a pro bodybuilding contest you are likely to see more than just anabolic-steroid enhanced muscle size (real muscles) - but also synthol bulges (fake muscles mixed with the real ones). Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used steroids to build real muscle, overcame under-developed calves with reportedly 500 hours of hard work! But now many bodybuilders skip that much effort and just inject synthol into lagging areas instead. Some, like Greg Valentino, go beyond merely filling out under-proportioned muscles - they over-proportion many areas!!


I just stumbled upon this guys picture while viewing the net. I've been lifting for 11 years and have never ever seen something like this. I hope he enjoys the liver cancer he now has from the drugs/synthol he uses. He's got little mans syndrome and seems to be making up for it by trashing his body. I truely feel for this guy. Besides (and I think a number of body builders can agree) isn;t body building about building your whole body in proportion not just your arms? His chest looks like a little girls.


Personally, I think he looks hot. You guys are just jealous.

tina nickerson

I am speechless...this is waaaayyyy waaaayyyyy tooo much...and it doesnt look natural to me...nor does it look attractive....and definantly looks very unhealthy....whew, talk about having one's perception warped....bodybuilding says it all in its name....building the body...not out of proportion distorted unhealthy looking muscles....he honeslty looks like he has some disease....k, I am going to drag my chin off the floor and be good now...hope he really sees himself one day...cause he looks like he could be a real bodybuilder...and I hope he does this before he permantly damages something somewhere...eee gads....


Too sexy for words! I have always thought the man with the biggest muscles is the best. Greg is the best. He obviously works out a lot, and I'm sure he also ises Synthol. But, who cares. He is gorgeous! My dream would be to have pne of those arms around my shoulders for the evening.


The man is a joke. I have never met him face to face to say how his personality is, but bodybuilding wise he is a joke. Any self respecting bodybuilder would not take this guy seriously. For him it has come to the point where his arms dont even look like arms, they look warped, disfigured and disproportionate. I am a bodybuilder and although i dont have a problem with steroids (Deca, winstrol, Dbol) i have a serious problem with synthol or simply implants. The main, root point of bodybuilding is to judge muscle not silicone and oil. If this guy was to step on the stage with Ron Coleman, Lee Priest, Dexter Jakson or any other bodybuilders for that matter, he would get laughed off from the judges and the audience. The point of bodybuilding is to envy the bodybuilder because their physiques are Greek-God-like and because they look spectaculor. This man looks as if he has a disease or someone performed a bad experiment on him. Personally, you couldnt pay me to look like that.


That is a perfect example of synthol abuse. When is the next oil change....another 5,000 workouts??? me some real bodybuilders. Guys like this are the ones you never see jumping on stage and when they do they either drop out mid pre-judging or they place dead last.


ooh man....can belive the maniac he is ...feel like giving him a mirrior to look at.he is a biggest joke evr seen.Bodybuilding is looking good with muscular size and propotion.greg looks as if he is having some incurable disease..sorry for this man.


he is a biggest bhosdika i hav ever seen,no gal will wana touch him ,he looks ..sorry pals don have words for a insane like him.


Checkout Derek Anthony at He wants to be as big as Greg. He has one thing like Greg, he is bald. Derek however, sports a "Wig"!!!


whens the funeral. He has about 12 months left to live way too much steroids and oil.See you in heaven my friend and let the roids bewith you. Amen.


this is just sick stuff...
bodybuilidng is not only about BIg bigger and biggest but also about shape in the muscle...
this guys chest looks like a baby and I think a thin guy with no muscles at all has more chance of finding a hot girlfriend than this bloke.

how pathetic and sad at the same time...


God thats horrible lookin. Im a bodybuilder, i only have 15.5 inch arms at the moment but id say they look better than his, probably stronger too since mine are actually muscle rather than oil. I believe steroid use to be far more ethical than synthol because with steroids at least you still build muscle, not pump them full of oil. I never want arms like that, NEVER. My honest advice would be for greg to step back and take a good honest look at those arms and take it from there. Good luck


I am speechless. This to me is incredible. If you can do it do it. Everyone is different if everyone were the same bodybuilding would be boring and difficult to judge. This guy is one bad mutha and you people need to understand that not everyone wants to be toned down. Some want to stand out. More power to him.


I am speechless. This to me is incredible. If you can do it do it. Everyone is different if everyone were the same bodybuilding would be boring and difficult to judge. This guy is one bad mutha and you people need to understand that not everyone wants to be toned down or look like the next guy. Some want to stand out. More power to him.


mi polla es mas grande gorda y sabrosa (ellas lo dicen)


This guy is not a freak it is just becouse he is different from all of us!

Max Johnson

Greg is a crazy ass bodybuilder with crazy ass mass on his arms 29in. I suggest reading Rambiling Freak gregs page in MD magizine.

ronnie coleman

he is a cheater, i have never taken steroids and i am way bigger than he is (7 time mr. olympian) he is a discrace to bodybuilding.

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