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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Man Fined For Annoying Squirrel

The Daily Nonpareil: Man cited for annoying squirrel

A Council Bluffs man was cited Tuesday night for one of Council Bluffs' most unusual laws: annoying a black squirrel.

City Attorney Richard Wade said roughly in the 1930s, the City Council adopted an ordinance barring people from bothering black squirrels.

According to the ordinance, it is illegal to annoy, worry, maim, injure or kill a black squirrel.

Annoying or worrying a squirrel could include actions such as throwing things at it or repeatedly threatening or scaring it. The violation is considered a simple misdemeanor. The citation fined Cates $325.

The extent of the squirrel's injuries are unknown and there was no indication that medical treatment was sought for the animal in reports.


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