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Thursday, August 12, 2004

600-Pound Woman Dies After Being Surgically Removed From Couch

WFTV: 600-Pound Woman Dies After Being Surgically Removed From Couch

A dramatic rescue ended tragically in Stuart, Florida, a rescue so difficult firefighters say they have never seen anything like it.

It happened late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning at the home of a 600-pound woman who was having trouble breathing. Rescuers went in not knowing how difficult it would be to get her out. 40-year-old Gail Grinds was literally stuck to her couch and had to be removed surgically at the hospital.

Authorities estimate she had been on the couch anywhere from two to five years.


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jameccia winding

I believe it is very unlikely that a person of this size never moved from the couch for six years. Someone had to know that this woman was stuck inside the house and could not move from the couch. It is very unreasonable that no one noticed that she was missing or even tried to get in contact with her. The person who was her friend should be charged with neglect becasue he had six years to help her get removed from the couch.

jeremy pencil

I saw a right fat bird once, her legs were like sacks of porridge and she didnt have no elbows or ankles on her and she wore leggings and all. also she hardly had any face left just tiny eyes that was what a tubby old scrote she was. just the sight of her made some sick come up but i swallowed it down on account of being in a public place. also, i unexpectedly found my 'little chap' to be tugging at the elasticated waistband of my action slacks. but if i found a fat girl stuck in my couch i would hit her with a stick and then push pins in her fat legs. she wouldnt even know it because her nerves would be about 12-14cm under the skin covered up by fatty corpuscles. also i would draw pictures of her all fat and swollen up like a big egg and leave them in front of her eyes where she could see them and i would say 'get up ouf of that chair you fat old dollop and fix me some grits.' if she didnt get out i would give her what for i can tell you that much.


i really do think that this is sad that know family member knew what was happen to this woman who ever was there something should be done i feel really bad about the whole situation

chubby spout

I don't care about this fat woman, and I am a fat old thing as well. Look at her sitting there on her couch eating up all the foods and that which her family bring and put on her lap or even on her breasts i suppose she is that big now. she had a loving family who cared for her and who protected her from the evil tyranny of the narrow-bands.

I have a very good job in my local oyster bar and she ought to try that. I get so much abuse from the customers telling me 'oooh tubby why did you eat all the oysters there arent any left for us now, you fat so-and-so' they would say to me. NEWSFLASH: i didnt eat them all up, the delivery was late and that really hurt you know and oysters arent the only things on our menu either. then they told me they were going to shoot a badger in the mouth and PUT IT OUTSIDE THE SHERRIFS OFFICE and blame it on me, because FAT PEOPLE DONT DESERVE TO LIVE OUTSIDE. well, these narrow-bands dont know what its like, sweating even when just lying down fighting for breath because our lungs are pressed down like little sacks at the bottom of a big pile of bits and pieces. i cant even cry when they are pushing into me, because my tear ducts are surrounded by excessive fat nodules and even some polyps on that my consultant tells me. but i have always been big, on account of my bone structure and my hormones so you know why should i be the victim in all of this? the narrow-bands should be the victims with their papery skin and pale faces and 'oooh i cant eat that it might make my bones stop pushing out of my ribs and my twelve-year old boys pelivs and body and then i might not be so miserable with my life and stop all this hurting and violence against my fellow man.' i might get pushed about and have to have a special car because there is no bus on earth that can fit me in and forget flying but who cares about flying i have all i need right here AT LEAST I AM HAPPY. AND NO I HAVE NEVER KISSED A GIRL SO WHAT NEITHER DID JESUS AND LOOK AT HIM NOW.

Christie Brown

My left foot.

Arnold 'Iceman' Oldrump

I was a close and well, to be honest, intimate friend of Gail Laverne Grinds. She was a kind hearted lady that didn't deserve to be struck down with an egg and cheese addiction at such an early age.

She was still only 15 when she died but I luckily hadn't given her a 'ride' for 2 years or so when she wasn't quite such a fatty. I remember her let me lick her all over as part of my 43rd birthday present, I can still remember the feeling I got in my little johnson when I liked up some stilton from one of her folds in her back.

I am no longer embarassed of what I've done and hope she rests in peace.

Art Garfunkel

Good morning my name is Art Garfunkel and you may remember me from such classics as 'It's OK to be gay' and 'Make love to my mouth in G# minor.'

I think it is absolutely tragic that Gail died. If she had had more support she could have probably hit 650 pounds before she died and then at least she would have had a sense of justice.

David Blunkett

She is clearly a silly old sow, she should have serviced me when she had the chance and I would of fast-tracked her application to Bournemouth Fat Camp pretty darn nippy, I can tell you. Not literally. I'd hate to have to resign over a fatty.

Nobby Grubs

I know there have already been some fat people jerking off on this bulletin board, but I ought to put in my two penneth worth as well, just to balance things out a bit. Fat does not equal VICTIM. But it should do. I used to be the fattest bloke at my local weight watchers branch in Chorlton Higton. They said 'oooh you know what, you're all larger than normal, but what the heck, you just know how to party!' Well, I don't know if you can call sweating like a racist just from standing up knowing how to party, or vomiting from the exertion of winching yourself out of bed really partying either, but it's no fun waking up in your own viper juice, with bits of sick and bile stuck in your beard and that, that much I DO KNOW.

So I started to diet and that, it ent been easy, and its taken a while but now i am self-propelled, just like the others. I dunt need my chair or my winch anymore, although i keep them there like my own set of stainless steel and rubber gallows to remind me: 'be carefull fatso, or we'll come for you and you wunt get away this time: lightening never misses twice.' oh it gives me the right heebie-jeebs I needunt tell you that twice!

What is the moral of all this I bet you are all sitting there wondering? There ent none really, saving: don't be a fat ponce, you lazy so-and-sos! I was a bed-ridden terminally obese grotesquity, living on my inheritance from my father's steel mill like a shameful and disgusting trogologdyte and now i am self-propelled on my own two feet and a stick and even might get a job soon, too, depending on my Uncle (who took over the mill once my daddy died, god bless him). Probably it depends more on his new wife, she ent ever liked me since I figured out what she was up to, coming over from Gdansk or whatever grubbing up money well, she can get knotted, I told her and all, she didnt like that one little bit I can tell you! She said 'shove it up your nose, buddy! Well, I pointed out that my oxygen tube made it hard to do that, but thank you for the suggestion all the same and she didnt like that neither, cursing at me in Pole-ish or whatever.

I am a living example of the American Dream: AND YOU CAN BE TOO, like as not, dont let no Russian Bride get in the way of your destiny.

God bless,

Nobby Grubs

hugh jass

this is for jameccia winding, the person who first commented on this. the friend, who was her ex-husband, did try to get help. he asked for help from the government for over 2 years by calling them. no one ever called him back so he started writing letters, but still no one helped him. that is why he wasn't charged with neglect.


WOW...I just saw the episode of Nip/Tuck with the 650 pound woman that was stuck to her couch for 3 years. I didn't think it was true but,I can honestly say that this was the saddest thing I have ever heard happen to someone. I just can't believe that people would keep feeding her! If you see someone that can't even get out of the house because of there weight....DONT FEED THEM ANYMORE FOOD! Or atleast make them eat healthier! That is rediculous that her ex-husband only called the government and then wrote letters! What is writting a letter going to do for someone that needs excersize!?! That man should have helped her out by walking with her, eating more healthy foods and just taking care of this lady. And I am not saying that it is all the family and friends fault(even though they helped a lot) she should have had enough self respect to do something about it. I really don't see how someone could let themselves get that big that they can't move. In my opinion, People have the choice to be fat or thin. I am not talking "BIG BONED" there is a difference between "BIG BONED" and "FAT". You make the simple decisions every day. Walking, driving, hamburger, salad, fast food, or cooked food....just simple choices will make all the difference in the world. I think that it is really sad what happened to her but maybe she should have thought about that when she stopped being able to see her knees!

sick of idiots

i think all of you people are heartless, mean, idiots that have nothing to do but pick on someone else to make yourselves feel better. It is a shame that lady was that big and died that tragic death. It is definaltely not something to scoff about or ridicule she was a person just like all of you with flesh, bones, a heart, and a mind. She may have looked different but she was still a person who died and deserves some respect in that. I hope yous all grow big asses so yous can all now how it feels to be ridiculed all of your life. Maybe grow a conscience!!!


I agree that she should not have eaten her way to the state she was in. HOWEVER, its wrong to speak ill of the dead. Its flat out disgusting to speak ill of the dead. I picture those of you who talked so nasty about the deceased woman as emotionless. Truth be told, what goes around comes around. I've seen it so much in my life and its sad. Something is very wrong in your lives when you can talk like that. You can laugh if you want, but in your mind you know I'm right. There's not a word or an action that can change that. So thats alright.

tom bob barker

wow!!hehe you r fat

donte baxter

you should of tried to lose weight.... no offense I weigh 91 pounds s if you wanna be like me TRY TO LOSE LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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