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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Toddler Chokes To Death On Popcorn At Movie Theater

Local6: Toddler Chokes To Death On Popcorn At Movie Theater

A 3-year-old boy choked to death while eating popcorn at a movie theater.

Deontea Riley, of New York City, was at the Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas in Long Island's Valley Stream watching "Alien vs. Predator" with his parents and older brother when he began to choke shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday, Nassau County police said.

The family all had been eating from a small tub of popcorn when Elaine McIntosh, the boy's mother, saw that her youngest son was choking.

His parents rushed him out of the theater where they performed the Heimlich maneuver without success.

As sad as this story is, why was a 3yo child watching Alien vs Predator?


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I read your article on the young boy who choked on popcorn. It was a decent article until you chose to judge the parents for taking him to see Alien VS Predator.... Are you blaming the parents? How insensitive.

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