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Monday, September 20, 2004

McDonald's Nicknames

A list of slang names for McDonald's...

# Golden Arches (U.S. slang)
# Mickey-D's (U.S. slang)
# Mick-dicks (U.S. slang)
# Macca's (Australian slang)
# Mackey-D's (British slang)
# MakDo (Filipino slang)
# MacDoh (French Canadian slang)
# McDo (French slang)
# Makku or Makudo (Japanese slang)
# McDoof (German slang)
# McD's (Scottish slang)
# Meki (Hungarian slang)
# Mec (Romanian slang)
# Donken, ''Mackid nnkan'' (amongst tweens) (Swedish slang)

Has anybody in Britain ever heard anyone call McDonald's Mackey-D's?


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hehe me and my m8s call mc donalds maccy d's all the time

.... for those intrested am from scunthorpe the armpit of england


Yes. I've heard it called maccy D's.
Don't know if that's an Ooop North recollection or something I've heard since living Dahn Sahf.


yea I first heard it from my maths teacher for some reason a while ago and since then I've heard loads of people saying Maccy D's. Me and my friends call it that too. We're all up north in sunderland


Everyone i know in northern and central Scotland calls it Maccy D's


In Hong Kong, everyone call it "Mc Kee" (in cantonese) ~


younger kids in hong kong call it "muc dong dong"


yup macky d's i hear it from ma uncle(hu's around 46)nd mum (hu's erm i dunno i think 42) go donny rovers!

Ms Ellipsis

I agree that Maccas is the Aussie slang for McDonald's. We are currently running a poll on our site for people to choose between "Macker's" and "Maccas". "Maccas" is winning. Love that you have gathered the other slang words.

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