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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The World's Longest Car Chase?

News24: A car chase to remember

Australian police believe they may have set a world record on Thursday when they pursued a man and woman in a stolen BMW saloon for 600 kilometres across the Nullarbor Plain between Adelaide and Perth.

The high-speed car chase ended only when the high-performance car ran out of fuel.

The pursuit ended when police alerted petrol stations in their path to close shop so the pair could not refuel.


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Sorry....didn't mean to cause any bother.


Dear Sir Where.s your fuckin photo gallery dick

The Edge

I wonder how much fuel the police used. Imagine the police holding a loud speaker out the window and saying "stop now or you will be billed for the fuel"


there's not a BMW that will run 600 kilometers per tank of fuel.

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