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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Man Turns Garden Shed Into Pub

Daily Record: Carlsberd Don't Do Garden Sheds, But If They Did...

A decorator has transformed his garden shed into a cosy bar. Davie Gilmour keeps the beer and malt whisky flowing as he plays host to his delighted mates.

Davie's friends flock to the shed, at his home in South Queensferry, West Lothian, to enjoy draught beer and spirits served from optics - - and the obligatory crisps and nuts.

'If war breaks out, we'll be completely self-sufficient. There's a microwave and Sky TV and CCTV monitors that show intruders approaching - women, that is. They're not allowed in.

'I once had 27 people in the bar. And we have a visitors' book that's been signed by people from Ireland and Toronto who heard about the bar and popped in.

No one's allowed to turn up drunk, there's no smoking and anyone who misbehaves is kicked out.

He doesn't charge for drinks but the patrons contribute to a kitty to pay for supplies.

What a great idea, although his shed must have been pretty big to fit 27 people in there.


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I would like to invite the chap with the bar in the garden to our nightclub in a shed. We have a bar, karaoke, widescreen tv, fruit machines, many knick knacks, smoke machine, bubble machine, fish tank in the wall, wobbly mirror, dart board, drinking games, hot tub, and much much more.

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