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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How To Get People To Notice You

For the second year running (2004 Emmy's pic here), Tess Smith (apparently a screenwriter) has appeared on the Emmy's red carpet wearing just a flimsy bit of fabric. Certainly a good way to get people to notice you. [via]


Brad Smith


To Raise Money for Lung Cancer Research
Barely-There Gown to be Auctioned on eBay
Worn by Tess on Red Carpet at 2005 Emmys

Phoenix, AZ (December 11, 2005) — The barely-there gown that exposed Tess Smith, screenwriter and former Playboy model, will be auctioned on eBay beginning December 11th. Proceeds will be donated to Joan's Legacy, a foundation that funds lung cancer research. For information on Joan's Legacy: Please see: Item number: 6463392447

“My mother and sister both battled cancer,” said Tess. “My sister lost her fight in August 2001. If my red carpet appearance helps someone fight this terrible disease, then I’ll gladly play the spectacle again.”

Bidding for the gown will begin at $12,500, with a closing date of December 18.

Immediately following the Emmys, the image of Tess on the Red Carpet was voted Yahoo's most e-mailed photo. She was also featured on such programs as “Inside Edition,” and “Good Morning America.”

“Having the distinction of being named least dressed,” said Tess, “gives me the opportunity today to uncover the facts about lung cancer. More Americans die from lung cancer each year than breast, prostrate or colorectal cancers combined, and yet it is the least funded.”

Tess currently has two of her screenplays under consideration and is involved in other charities.

Contact: Diana Tom 602-441-2905 or Al Rossi 602-291-0597

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