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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cheerleaders Having Sex In Nightclub Toilet Cause Brawl

Two cheerleaders have been arrested in the US - for provoking a nightclub brawl by having sex in a toilet.

Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Renee Thomas, 20, and Angela Keathley, 26, allegedly had sex together in a cubicle in a Florida nightclub.

They were then involved in a fight with angry women who had been waiting to use the toilet at Banana Joe's in Channelside, reports the St Petersburg Times.

Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said: "Alcohol, sex and cheerleaders are apparently the ingredients for a hot story, because I am getting flooded with calls." - Ananova


The Beard

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I live here in tampa, so I’ve been hearing quite a bit about this story. The same night they got caught going at it at banana joe’s, they were at another bar, jackson’s, where they crashed a high school reunion. There was someone that works at a local radio station at the reunion and got pictures of them before the episode. so now these photos have become a hot item for the media…..take a look…….

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