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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Video: Cars vs 747

Two cars, a Mondeo and a 2CV (which happens to be listed in the list of crappy cars), are driven behind a 747 to see if the force from one engine can blow away the cars. It can! [via]


Andrew Denny

That's a stupid test. How about they do it on a car that Jeremy Clarkson thinks is great? I mean a bog standard car, one with the same sort tall profile? But it sounds like they are simply trying to belittle the cars they use.


Andrew, what? Top Gear is in the spirit of fun, and this no less so. It's meant to be a laugh at the incredulity of the thing, so laugh =)


quieo ver video de cars 2


Note to self - don't drive my Mondeo across a runway anytime soon.



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