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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fish Falls Down Chimney And Survives

The Sun: Fish fell down chimney

A stunned pensioner told yesterday how a 10in goldfish dropped down the chimney into his blazing fire . . . and lived.

Ex-miner Bill Brooks, 65, watched amazed as the soot-covered fish bounced out of the fire into his hearth. He put it into a bath of warm water with some bread for food and it started swimming around.

The fish is now called Wanda — because it’s a wonder it survived. It is believed to have been snatched from a pond by a heron which dropped it down the chimney.



This story smells ...

1. Birds don't drop many fish.

2. A fall down the chimney would've beat that fish to death itself.

3. Birds don't fly with fish - they eat them on the spot.

4. Putting the fish in WARM water would've shocked it to death immediately.

5. Goldfish don't eat bread.

6. I won't mention the fire.

No way. This old dude is having one over on his mates.


Hmm.. Seems to me you shouldn't believe ANYTHING you read in 'The Sun'. When will people learn? -sigh-...

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