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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Greenpeace Protester Rides Atop Whale

A Greenpeace protester climbs on a dying whale harpooned by Japanese hunters.

And Mikey Resato, 33, was hosed down by the ship’s crew for trying to stop their killing.

Australian Resato said yesterday: “I wanted to show them I’m not afraid of their harpoons or hoses.” - The Sun



This guy is just as dim a bulb as the Rachel Corrie chick who got herself crushed by a bulldozer. You know his family would have sued the whalers if he had gotten killed.


I hate those Jap Bastards, I have to fish with them on the partyboats, they keep and eat everything & anything that they can get from the Ocean, even keep all of the undersized fish that are supposed to be thrown back.


i think its about time another bomb was dropped on them slanty eyed cunts.

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