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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year In Review


I was going to summarise the best Peculiarosities of the year but a lot of the articles from earlier in the year have since been removed by their owners. Instead I thought I would collate as best ofs/worst ofs/reviews etc from the past year. Feel free to add any that I have missed.

The Indian Express - The wild and the weird from 2005
Washington Post - News Of The Weird
DuluthNewsTribune - It was a year of weird times
TheTideOnline - Weird stories of 2005
SBS - Weird Year For The World
NWITimes - People did wacky things in 2005
The Sun - Bizarre 999 calls - The 2005 Dubious Data Awards
Breitbart - Offbeat escapades from 2005


Sky Showbiz - 2005's Celeb Weddings
CantonRep - Celeb quotes in 2005
Pensicola News Journal - Strange celeb happenings in 2005
AZCentral - Celebrity moments of 2005
Yahoo! Entertainment - Star Babies of 2005!
The Independent - Review of the year: Gossip
Scripps Howard News Service - Celebrities who left us in 2005
CNN: 2005's top entertainment stories


New Scientist -'s top 10 news stories of 2005
The Independent - Review of the year: Disasters
Aero-News - 2005 - Year In Review: Space


The Independent - Review of the year: Cinema
Calgary Sun - Best DVDs of 2005
The Examiner - Revenge of the stinkers
The Examiner - Worst movies of 2005
Tallahassee Democrat - The Best Films of 2005
ChronWatch - The 10 Best Conservative Movies of 2005


Yahoo! - Top JunkMail of 2005
Forbes - Coolest Gadgets of 2005
Fast Company - Gadgets of the Year
The Register - Best gadgets of 2005
ExtremeTech - Ten Failed Tech Trends for 2005


Docopenhagen - Watch The Top 50 Music Videos Of 2005
FT - Review of Music 2005: The Best Pop
The Independent - Review of the year - pop

Misc - The Dishonest Reporter 'Award' 2005
The Blog Herald - The Top 10 interesting people in the Blogosphere in 2005


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