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Monday, February 06, 2006

Britain's Fattest Man Dies

The Sun: Heaviest Brit Jack is dead

Britain's fattest man has died of a heart attack aged 60.

Fifty-five stone Jack Taylor had a huge fish supper before his death in his sleep.

A niece found him dead in his flat in Bradford, West Yorks, and eight firefighters had to be called in to remove his body.

I'm surprised he lived for so long.



fat bastard...damn..did i say unlike me...must be the brew....

anyway...I WANT TO C........

PECLIAROSITIES....did i get that right...

anyway...they r cool...perhaps...feature them with a link...

maybe..pretty plz...that is totally ..not like me...


Jacks Hair? Very unusual!!!!!


oh jesus!!


Fatty!Kill them all thats what i think! waste the tax payers money! kill them... Kill them ALL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA


Well what can i say what you see is what you get it was Jacks creation !!!! CLASS

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