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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Giant Penis

As you know, I'm a fan of weird stuff but I did have to think twice about posting this. It has to be one of the weirdest things that I've come across in a long time.

This man has spent the last six years injecting his penis and scrotum with silicon and as a result it has become so large that he can no longer stand to pee and sex is completely out of the question.

Be warned, the video contains male genitalia and strong sexual references. [via]


Elliott Back

That's ... scary.


What a freakin' idiot! 0x0

Samantha Indigo

Wow, that puts penis envy into a new perspective to me...In a million years whats an archiologist gonna think when his casket is opened up let alone displayed in a museum?


Michael Felman

haha....... Gotta think. WHY!


Did everyone see that you could hear him talk, but his lips NEVER moved? And again...why make your YouWhoo the size of a basketball? Just wait until he is really old, its gonna be dragging on the floor.


The thing that I don't understand is: why does he try to justify this as an "artistic/social comment" or whatever.
This is stooopid...


Total and complete idiot. The physical manifestation of all that is of the decline of western civilization

Mr. Wang

Mine's bigger.


I is for Idiot!


ha...ha...ha.... it's real..?


Dose anybody know who this guy is. I want to stsrt a fan club. We need to do serious worship on this guy. WOW!


Dose anybody know who this guy is? I want to start up a fan club. This guy needs to be worshiped.


that looks exactley like the fake penis in boogie nights just over sized so i dought its real besides with todays special effects sometimes its hard to tell real from fake and if it is real than there's no way he can even pleasure himself,oh and did anyone get like creepy pedophile vibe from him....eewww!
yeah right HAH!!

Mario Oly

Yes,it will be a giant penis,but do you know who has the biigger penis in the world,guess.......

The Blue whale,almost two meters of penis


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