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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Company Develops Nicotine Water

A new drink has been developed in California for smokers who have to fly or find themselves in a place where they can't light up.

Nic Light is the equivalent of smoking two cigarettes and according to testers tastes like water with a hint of lemon and nicotine. Ewww.

The drink is available at some terminals at LAX and is being stocked at other airports across the US. [via]



As disgusting as that sounds, being stuck next to some nicotine craved lunatic on an airplane for 8 hours is torture I've unfortunately been through. This could be a good thing.


Nicotine in water. Water in bottles. Babies love bottles. First time some &)%^!! gives this stuff to an infant that O.D.'s on the nicotine I want a cut of the money from the outcome of the lawsuit(s). Bad Idea. Now where are the protections to prevent the children from forming an addiction to nicotine DaBill


All valid points. Niclite is a good thing for smokers who can't smoke. I know as I am one and I also sell the product.


Where can I find this product in CT, or NY?

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