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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Man Throws Away £20,000

BBC: Town chaos as cash thrown in air

People in Aberystwyth had an unexpected windfall when a man showered what is thought to be thousands of pounds into the air at a pedestrian crossing.

The man was heard to shout: "Who wants free money?" seconds before hurling the cash into the air in Alexandra Road.

"I just couldn't believe my eyes," said Mr Morris. "All the money was in £20 notes and I've heard rumours that the man threw about £20,000 away."

The incident caused chaos as drivers and pedestrians, some on their hands and knees, picked up the money.


mummy shambles

I saw this on the BBC this morning. Bizarre...but then the Welsh are an unusual lot. My husband is Welsh and has a very warped sense of humour!

Samantha Indigo

Brilliant just brilliant, samantha is please with this mans sense of humor, I laughed very hard....too bad he lives with and around those people.....

a show of humanity on his and their part...

it takes a odd look at things to understand this...


Man Ive always wanted to do that, but im completely broke so it would be more like "Hey, who wants $5 in change?", which is not impressive at all


I was in Aberystwyth on Monday, but unfortunately wrestling with Currys and their pathetic attitude over a camera that doesn't work properly.

A relative however, reports that this man was in Wetherspoons (where they work) prior to this happening. The man was at the bar, with x2 plastic bags (full of money) on the counter. The manager was serving someone else, and said they would be with the money man in a moment. Being impatient, money man walked out, after which he dispersed the cash.


I was told on the local news that he was later arrested for the incident.

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