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Monday, October 09, 2006

Universe In Perspective

A comparison of objects in the Universe (or maybe just the Milky Way) starting with some of the small moons in our Solar System and ending with VV Cephei, the largest star known. This star is a whopping 1,900 times the Sun's diameter and 315,000 more luminous. But if you thought that was big, it is but a mere speck of dust in the Milky Way.

Reading through Wikipedia's list of the largest stars, there may be some anomalies with the comparison. For example, Wikipedia lists the 'Pistol Star' as being bigger than both Antares and Betelguese but the comparison shows the Pistol Star as being much bigger than the other two. Not sure which is more accurate. [via]



I cannot get enough of this star-size comparison:

Agent Nine

Oh thank god. That really does say "Death Star". I thought I was seeing things.

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