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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Video: Fighting Midgets

Only on Jerry Springer can you watch midgets fighting over a woman. [via]

Update: Link updated.



Oh I haven't laughed so hard on a Sat. morning in forever!! Thank you so much!!!


Seriously unfunny.

senor mexican enano

thats not fair, the one midget is bigger than the one that can scurry around on all-fours.

William T. Foxtrot

Darn, it says the video is no longer available. I wanted to see some midgets fightin'!

William T. Foxtrot

Thanks for the updated link at:

Watching videos like these make me proud to be an American... actually, not really.


midgets r awsum! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


midgets r awsum! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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