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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

7-11 May Convert Stores To Kwik-E-Marts

7-11 plans on converting 11 of it's stores to Kwik-E-Marts to coincide with the release of The Simpsons Movie.

If all goes as planned, the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the U.S. -- Richmond is an unlikely choice -- to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store that Homer and other characters frequent in the classic cartoon TV series.

Customers also will be able to buy products inspired by the nearly two-decades-old show, including KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee).

I wonder if they will employ Apu lookalikes? [via]

Update: Pictures of a converted store.

Update 2
: Lots more pictures here.



Dont all 7-11's already have Apu look-a-likes?

Robert Gale

I was tempted to add put that comment in the post.

monkeys are the root of all snakes

will it get robbed as often as the Kwik-E-Mart?

Samantha Indigo

KrustyO's cereal - I hope I dont eat anything sharp >.>
Buzz Cola - Ummm I dont remember what was bad about this...
iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee)- Cool, I was hoping not to drink pickled ice ^^


I'm hoping the iced Squishees will have a "super-condensed" option, like in that episode of The Simpsons where Bart and Millhouse acquire instant sugar-highs from their ridiculously strong Squishee. Ha!

mark knowles

they already employ apu lookalikes


haha that would be sooooo awesome!!!
i wish i lived in the U.S!!!!!!!


i wonder if they have the bart and homer cereal those were good, and the dial to change the slurpee machine so i can get the thick liquid and trip out like milhouse and bart did


We are all doomed


Where is the duff beer?


*sings* who needs a Kwik-E-Mart


I doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Wow free advertising for The Simpsons


I don't exactly think it was free...


fukin wow


I used to live by a store called the Kwik Mart, we all just called it the kwik-e-mart, and then I moved and told my friends about it, (calling it kwik-e-mart) And they all took a spaz!! it was crazy!!

I wish this happend to ALL 7-11s. there are like, 3 right by my house.


Holy all are stereotypical bastards..."they already employ apu lookalikes".

The Simpsons are great...but its stereotypical influence on the weak and completely unstable minds of most pathetic Americans are just fucked up.

Not many Indians work at 711s or other convenience stores. I have only seen ONE work at a 711. All the rest I know are prominent doctors, computer engineers, and have other high paying and good jobs.

All of you who think that Indians work at convenience stores need to get shot in both your kneecaps, or educate your damn brains.


Screw you defco. You're prolly a low-income indian that's trying to make yourself look smart. Not impressive at all.


....That's not funny.

I'ma beat you up on Monday.


jk jk. I fully support Defco's comment. I don't really see indians working at gas stations..I usually see hispanics and such.

So stop being a prick about it, Diseeze.


....That's not funny.

I'ma beat you up on Monday.


Isn't April first coming soon?


Smell I an April Fool's joke?


Pfft. I live in Australia and ALL 7-11's here have indian workers. I swear. It's a huge rareity for them not to. It's a novelty even. And then, if it's not indians it's asians.

'All the rest I know are prominent doctors, computer engineers, and have other high paying and good jobs' AND this is the biggest load of s**t I have ever read. EVER.


$10 says this is an april fools prank

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