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Monday, March 19, 2007

Video: Old McDonald's Commercial Featuring The Original Ronald McDonald

An old McDonald’s commercial featuring the original Ronald McDonald. I'm not sure when the advert aired but it if this history of the McDonald's logo is correct then it wouldn't have aired before 1968.



Video doesn't work for me, but wow... judging from the screencap, he looks uglier in person than I thought. And I thought the yellow statue sitting in front of those restaurants were ugly. No offence, Ronald.


hahahahahahaaha thats the best thing ive ever seen!

thanks rob! you really made my day!


Samantha Indigo

Sweet zombie jesus! its Williard Scott!

Little known fact Geoffrey Giuliano, who wrote a bunch of biographies on big artists was Ronald McDonald at one point XD.... and one of the extras from M*A*S*H* too!

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