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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dumb Builders

It took me a while to work out what was wrong with this picture.





i cant find whats wrong

lol i get it

hope they put in removable posts instead of just blocking them selves in like that.


A metaphor for the Iraq war.


is it that they used cones to hold up the rope when theres the poles to do it or is it that (i think) the one guy is using a shovel to clean the sidewalk


if you still haven't got it...

ask yourself "how they gonna get the van out"?


Counting from the right of the picture, the van should just make it between bollards one and two.


In many such installations I have seen, the bollards are removable. They slide into and out of a reinforced hole in the ground. The idea is obviously to discourage entry, while maintaining the flexibility to bring a vehicle or other equipment into the protected space.

You cannot tell from the photo whether all or any of the bollards are removable - unless you give the workmen credit for common sense. Workmen generally have more common sense than other people. Throughout our lives most of us rely for our wellbeing upon their judgment.


taken in my home town none-the-less :)


its the van it has no way out because it is blocked by all them stumps

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