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Friday, September 21, 2007

Woman Catches 66lb Catfish

A female angler reeled in the biggest freshwater fish ever caught by a woman in the UK — smashing a record that stood for 85 years.

Housewife Bev Street, 45, hooked the 66lb catfish to beat the 64lb salmon caught by Georgina Ballantine in 1922.

Bev — who only took up angling three years ago — was on a fishing trip to Bluebell Lakes in Oundle, Cambs, when her rod alarm sounded. She spent 30 minutes grappling with the monster until hubby Chris, 38, and a fellow angler waded in to heave it out.

The fish’s weight was verified by the lake bailiff before it was put back. Link


becca and corey

Omg! This fish is huge! We cant belive it! Good for her! Try again next year for a bigger fish.


Most record catches are held by women (or they used to be) apparently it's to do with feromones!!!

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