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Friday, November 30, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pics

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been getting a slating on celebrity blogs for wearing a bikini whilst being a little out of shape. She was photographed on a beach in Hawaii whilst celebrating her engagement to boyfriend Ross McCall.

I say good on her for being comfortable with the way she looks. She may have put on a bit of weight lately but I'm fine with that. Having a thing for her I would say that.

More photos here.

Update: Jennifer Love Hewitt Responds To Bikini Photos


Danny Keith James

She looks fine to me!


She caries it well.


im totally shocked by your post!!!! I have commented before about animal cruelty, now you post a beached whale.!!!! please put a hidden link next time so we dont have to view such obcenities!!!! have a word with yourself, Rab!!!!!


You're an idiot CHuck.


yuck what happened to her. That butt is sloppy and her boobs are looking saggy too. She should drown herself.


yuck what happened to her. That butt is sloppy and her boobs are looking saggy too. She should drown herself.


I'm sory robert but she's ugly. Can't figure out why she let herself go like that. I don't believe everybody should look hot, but a little effort is required.


Nice butt!

blue meanies

Man you people are mean! Does she not have the right to go to the beach (or even live??) that everyone else has? Have you taken a good look at your own butt in the mirror lately?

blue meanies

Man you people are mean! Does she not have the right to go to the beach (or even live??) that everyone else has? Have you taken a good look at your own butt in the mirror lately?


She is beautiful and everyone should just leave her alone. It's no one's business whether or not she wears a bikini on her vacation. The photographers that hound her ought to be ashamed of themselves for not giving her the privacy that every human being deserves. Not everyone is bone thin. There are all shapes and sizes out there and we should love the body we are in. You look beautiful Jennifer!! Don't let anyone tell you differently!!


She has the right to wear a bikini, but it's blatantly obvious that she does not look in anywhere near the shape that she used to. That said, if she's ok with her body then fine. But it doesn't mean we should all continue to think of her as "hot".


Face it, the woman is gorgeous any way you cut it. If anything, she just wore the *wrong* bikini. If she went even a half size up on the bottom, there wouldn't have been much of an issue. And strapless bikini tops make any woman's chest look bad (in my opinion).

Lisa Lovely

She is a size 2. I am also a size 2. And I, too, have some cellulite on my ass. Big deal. I work out. I eat right. I look damn good for my age...or any age. Her boobs are real...that's why they sag a bit in a strapless bikini...all women with real breast sag a bit. She's a NATURAL beauty...WTF is wrong with that? Also, women naturally have a little padding around their ass and stomachs...get the hell over it. Comes with the ability to carry life in our bodies. I wouldn't trade my cellulite for that honor any day. Did I have cellulite when I was 18? No. But I'm not 18 anymore. And neither is she. Women just get cellulite when they get older. It's natural and it doesnt mean they stop being "hot"...if you cant appreciate the kind of "hot" that women like Jennifer Love Hewitt are, than maybe you should stick to hanging out in high-school parking lots.


Lisa, you rock; I'm no female but I completely agree... I am about to turn 25 and trust me, thats not one of the things I look for (cellulite) when physical attraction comes at me. She is just as gorgeous as any other celebrity or woman who half-way takes care of their selves. Even Mariah Carey has shown days with cellulite and then sometimes its gone... lmao... its funny the way people are running out of things to gossip about.

Dawn Lumpkin

I am a 38 year old with a big chest I use to be a size 0 but times catch up with everyone..I am a size 3-4 and still look great everyone puts to much on a women being skinny as a rail..guys lose their figure and its ok she is pretty and looks good people should just back off her and take a good look at themselves..I too have a big chest and if i wore that type of top they would sag too.. real boobs are HEAVY and therefore sag if people were not so use to seeing fake boobs then the real would be perfect

Honest Abe

Thats Obsene!!! That is a typical FAT American, disgusting!!! people should not have to look at that. That is NOT a size 2. That is a size 26W!!!!

FAT, FAT, FAT!! she should be locked up till she looks decent.

jennifer fan

I think the pics are a little distorted to make her look bigger than she really is, the pics posted certainly don't represent a size 2 ! I like real breasts, real ones sag but look the way a women should look, how wants to see two balloons?


You people make me sick ( some at least) She can't help herself for eating a little TOO much. I 4 one have a HUGE appetite and love food. You guys should be happy she's not starving herself like some of the celebritys out there. honest abe or w/e your really really gay, that was a cruel comment. I have no idea what you look like but if your a little over weight u shouldn't be talking.And if your a fit kind of person, shut up bc you think all people should look good.


For all the people out there that think bodies should be perfect, look in the mirror and get a grip. It's nobody's business what someone else looks like. If you don't like the way someone else looks (celebrity or not - we are all human beings), close your eyes, or don't look!


Can this whole world just get a fucking life and stop living vicariously threw celebrities.


That is most definitly NOT a size 2. I am a size 4 and I am half her size!


She always had nice, big breasts, but I never thought her big butt would look like that! Yuck!

And what about him? What a dork. I must be pretty darn out of it, because I don't know who this guy even is! Goodness knows he could use a good workout himself. And I suggest he get over his fear of needles and finally get a real tat. What a joke.

They can have eachother.

Todd McCall

What a pig...Come on stop with the twinkies already. She was hot and now a cottage cheese pig.



Can I say give everyone in this thread a piece of advice? Look at your own ass in the mirror.

I'm a photographer, and these pictures have SO OBVIOUSLY been distorted to make her look overweight through photoshop. I work with this program on a daily basis, and distorting a picture this way is actually quite simple. You people are gullible idiots.

And for you gullible idiots that like to imagine you are so perfect, get real lives. FYI, obsessing over celebrities is not a real life.

Glad I could be of some assistance.

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