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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lindt 99% Pure Cocoa Chocolate

I'd read about Lindt's 99% Pure Cocoa chocolate a few months back and how it was one of the purest chocolate bars available so when I saw it in the duty free in Wroclaw I just had to buy one. I opened the bar tonight and without following the instructions (the bar had no English instructions) dived straight in. A big mistake.

Lindt already recommended that you work your way through their 70% and 85% cocoa bars to get used to pure chocolate so when I jumped straight into the 99% bar I was hit with an intense sensation of bitterness, a sensation I'd never experienced before. I immediately wrote the chocolate off.

I then decided to go back to the site where I first read about the chocolate to see if there was certain way of consuming the chocolate. The site had pictures of the chocolate bar which included instructions on how best to eat the chocolate. Essentially the instructions were to eat the bar a small square at a time and to let it melt on your tongue.

This time around the chocolate had a similar bitterness to it but the chocolate flavour was more evident. I almost had to force my way through the bitterness to taste the chocolate, and even then the intense bitterness remained.

I've eaten around a fifth of the bar and think I will struggle to eat much more. You have to be an extreme chocolate connoisseur to like this chocolate.

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Hehehehe! I blogged about this a couple of years ago after doing pretty much the same thing. We eventually got through the rest of the bar by having a tiny amount of 99% with a big square of 70%.
Oh, and speaking of chocolate, Hotel Chocolat have started selling their rum-soaked sultanas again. Yay!


shurely choclate that is 99% cocoa is basicly just a block of cocoa? i got some in the cuboard ill jsut eat that instead thanks ;p

i love dark choclate and often eat high cocoa choclate but thats stupid


I just have to buy this chocolate...


82% is as high as I can get here in the sticks, but the 99% sounds intriguing....thanks for a new craving!


I kind of liked it...


I don't like chocolate, and I find most chocolate disgusting, but most particularly the 82/85% bars... On the other hand, I find the 99% to be a taste of heaven...

Maybe it has to do with me liking black and strong expressos?

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