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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Polaroid SX-70

Polaroid recently announced that it was no longer going to produce film for the iconic Polaroid cameras resulting in the loss of 450 jobs. Here's a classic video showing one of the more popular models - the SX70 which not only shows the camera in action but also shows how it worked. [via]



i cant believe it, i honestly cant, i love Polaroid cameras.. people say digital opened up people to photography and caused people to become "accidentally great" photographers... but Polaroid did this first .. just happily snapping away not worrying as much about film or what your taking pictures of. I was planning to get a new Polaroid camera soon too (well new for me) .. part of the trouble with digital is a lot of photos are deleted or dismissed before you have a good look, meaning you miss all kind of little things that makes a photo great. With Polaroid you can just look at it instantly and adjust or think "oh god that looks great ill put emphasis on that!".. ect.. which though didn't create a high quality image it was always a good image. They have such great uses, but i suppose digital has made them completely obsolete, shame.. though im sure in the future you'll see Polaroid film on eBay and me or a fellow lover, getting ripped off for a few nostalgic or awesome flicks of the lense.


is that The Cramps?

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