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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nike Logo Cost Just $35

A useless piece of information - the Nike 'Swoosh' logo cost just $35 (equivalent to $184 today #).

It was designed by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and for her services she charged $35 at a rate of $2/hour.

Phil Knight, the company's co-founder, repaid her in 1982 with a gold Swoosh ring and an unknown amount of Nike stock.


Bread of Heaven

Tis March 1st, St Davids Day and not a single mention on 'A Welsh View'!! Standards my lovely boy, they are slipping !


Same here! Wanted to wish you a good St David's Day!


$35 at $2 per hour? So that's 17 and a half hours!!!!! To draw a tick??? How slow was her pen going, 1mm per hour?

Mario Musiano

The logo Nike is not so simple: for a professional logo you must draw the structure-lines for the "ripetibility" and in a sinuous communication artifact like the swoosh is a complicated procedure, without computer is sooooo complicated.

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