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Monday, October 06, 2008

A Welsh View San Francisco Pub Crawl

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I've already posted something before asking if anyone wants to meet up when I get to San Francisco but now I've got more of a concrete plan.

Stephanie has come up with a selection of pubs to visit which are all easily accessible by public transport.

We are going to be starting off at
Kilowatt on 16th St between Valencia and Guererro and from there going to the Monk's Kettle, Zeitgeist or Lucky 13, Toronado, Mad Dog in the Fog and ending up in Magnolia.

The fun starts at 6pm on Friday 10th October and the pubs listed are just suggestions so we probably won't end up going to them all and we'll probably be eating at one of them (maybe the Monk's Kettle or Magnolia.

There are currently 4 of us going and if you want to join in the fun just email me or Stephanie who has been kind enough to work out where to go.


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