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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Genetics Make Welsh Distinct

ICWales: Genetics make Welsh distinct

Nearly 500 years after the Act of Union, genetic research shows that the people of Wales remain markedly different from the English.

Geneticist Prof Steve Jones says the Welsh and the Irish are among the most homogenous people in the world. He and colleagues at University College, London, have spent years creating a genetic map of the Y chromosome, which is passed by males from generation to generation. The results show that the Welsh are related to the Basques of northern Spain and southern France and to native Americans. All are descended from the Kets people of western Siberia.

Prof Jones, who was born in Aberystwyth, said the Y chromosomes showed a marked difference between males on the Welsh and English side of the border.

"This shows that in the Dark Ages, when the Anglo-Saxons turned up, there was the most horrible massacre on the English side. They killed everybody and replaced them.

"The Welsh Y chromosome is similar to that of the Basques. In the male line, at least, the Welsh and the Basques are survivors or relics of a period before huge numbers of farmers filled Europe from the Middle East.

"There has been much less interbreeding in Wales than you might expect. Wales and Ireland have the most homogenous group of males of anywhere in the world, from the research that's been done so far."

Surprisingly perhaps, the genetics show that the Welsh are not related to the Cornish, despite the similarity of their languages.

"The Cornish are in effect Anglo-Saxons who for a time used a language that was hanging around."

The genes of Scottish males also betrayed considerable inter-mixing with outsiders. Prof Jones, who recently published a book called Y - The Descent of Man, said genetics provided more reliable clues to the distant past than language did.

He said the Y chromosome common among Welsh males was an ancient one.

"Most native Americans have the same one. They came from Siberia much later, over the Bering Strait."

The Kets themselves have not held out as well as the Welsh have. They came into contact with Russians in the 17th Century and have largely become assimilated, especially during the Soviet era.


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Peter Marsh

Other genetic information suggests that Paleolithic genes link the Gaelic speaking Celts with the Spanish - 18,000 - 12,000 years ago, but ceasing contact with them after this time. The archaeological link between the Solutreans of this time and the American Clovis is finally being admitted by most Archaeologists. Not only is their tool kit the same, but Bison cave paintings in Spain, Malta and Cuba are essentially the same style. Caves with vertical holes in the roof to identify lattitude by observing star paths is common to both Malta, Spain, Cuba and the Bahamas (in 30m of water). It also appears from archaeological evidence that Clovis spread through America from the Gulf of Mexico, not via the Bering land Bridge as once thought. The Genetic isolation of the Celts from Europe, their genetic affinity with native Americans along with Gaelic words being common in native American languages, suggests to me that the Celts spent ~5000years in the Caribbean, only leaving there when a great calamity caused the sealevels to rise, flooding the Bahaman Banks (once a large island) and returning via the Gulf Stream to the seavward coasts of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. These people brought with them advanced knowledge of astronomy and navigation as seen in the archaeological evidence on the Dingle peninsula.
Maybe we should take heed of ancient Aztec history which says the age of the blonde haired, bearded giants started ~ 17,000 years ago, the age of the red heads started 9,500 years ago and the age of the black haired people started 5,500 years ago.
The black haired people are obviously the influx from Asia via the Kuroshio current, as well as some circum-Polar people.
The blonde haired giants are the Solutreans from Spain via the Canary Current/northern Equatorial current.
The Red heads are the re-emergent relic of these people after the great flood 11,600 years ago which destroyed Atlantis (in the Caribbean) and wiped out all maritime civilizations around the world. These Red heads spread throughout the world and relics of them can be found in: 10 foot tall red haired mummies in the Nevada desert, the Paracas mummies of Peru, the red haired mummies associated with the pyramids of China and Tibet, red heads of Easter Island, people of Ra ia-tea (Sun people-white) in Tahiti, red heads in Melanesia (Missima Island), blonde haired Melanesians (Tolai). These relic populations are followed by jackbeans, cotton, bottlegourd, papyrus, Fiji Chameleon and Malaria - all from Africa, via central America. The coconut, pineapple, papaya, Totora reed and paper mulberry (for bark cloth) came into the Pacific from America.
It appears that these blonde haired giants were highly skilled in map making as the Isle of Hy Brasil off Ireland has the same longitude and lattitude as the Porcupine Banks, which would have disappeared under the waves over 15,000 years ago!
Other ancient maps drawn by the Veda of India delineate the Sealevel as it once was 15,000 years ago. Cities in 120m of water are now being found off India.
It appears from all this that the Barbaric central European landlubbers gained their knowledge of civilization from both the Celtic Amerindians and the Veda of India.
It also appears that the Veda, previously known as the Anu, were one of the most ancient populations to span the globe. relics of this population can be found in the Australian aborigine, the Batak of Lake Toba, the Ainu of Japan, skeletons in California and Tierra del Feugo.
It appears that great natural calamities have almost destroyed man many times over and each time the emergent culture and balance of race is different.
Hey guys it is high time that the prehistory of the world is due for some serious rewriting.
I have a website called Polynesian Pathways at

karin de groot

I have been wondering for a while why so many Welsh people have slightly oriental looking faces, David Walliams and Catherine Zeta Jones being good examples; I'm delighted to see there is indeed a link with the native Americans as the eyes are very similar !!!

Marc Milton-Talbot

In the book "Mother Tongue", the author states that the Basque language is related to only one other language in the world, which is one spoken by a tribe of North East American Indians.He also states that it is thought by some that Basque is in fact a prehistoric language, Euskara being the area where one finds many of the archaeological cave sites.The word for "axe" and "stone" are one and the same.
Also on a "Discovery" documentary they say DNA tests show that 25% of native Americans carry an ancient European Gene.Also stone tools have been found dating back 17,000 years that exactly match the type used in Europe at the time.The land masses were much closer to each other due to the low sea levels that made crossing the Atlantic easier.A dense sheet of pack ice literally joined the two continents stretching from northern Spain to Canada.The "coast" of the ice sheet was a rich source of seals and fish etc and fierce storms and ocean currents could carry people,willingly or not, to America.

Guy A. Sloop

I've been interested in the study of early prehistoric man for some time now, and the information about the Welsh being alot older group then Anglo-Saxons is in Britian is very intersting to me because I just had my DNA research by FamilytreeDNA and my direct male line was a perfect match with the Davies family of Wales, I'm black hair and brown eyed, my father is black hair and green eyes and he has a Native American look to himself, there's also alot of red hair men on my male line.
I've been reading alot on Dennis Stafford's research on the Solutreans being the ones that brought the Clovis to North America, a very interesting thought, this thought is gaining more intrest every year with more proof.
If you want to read more or study more on this, join "The Center For The study of the First Americans" in Texas, they have their on website, I'm a member.


The scientific conclusions are bogus. Native americans are genetically related to asian populations. not Irish, basque, or welsh. also, the basque language is only superficially related to certain native american languages. linguists have proven that they did not arise out of a common tongue.


The idea that the Welsh are somehow related to Native Americans and, further, that they look like them, is the biggest pile of garbage I've ever read. First off, Catherine Zeta Jones is a quarter Greek, which explains her exotic looks. Secondly, EVERY Welsh person I've ever seen has been as light as a Saxon and as long-headed as a Swede. Show me an "oriental looking" Welshman. That I gotta see. This revisionist garbage has just got to stop.

king ferdinand

all native americans from alaska to south america are ORIENTALS! that has been proven through there related languages and Dna!

Llyr ab Alun

Check your facts about Catherine Z. Her father is Welsh and her mother is of Irish descent.


Please see current Discover magazine:About 13,000 yr.ago,a large comet exploded over Canada, wiping out N. Amer. mega fauna. Paleo-Indians as well? How could it NOT? This allows for Beringia migrations of peoples to replace older Solutrean_Clovis peoples in N. Amer.
There are many dates approx. 13,000 yr. ago of migrations, technology replacements in Europe/Asia as well. Did this comet affect all northern hemisphere?
Tantalizing. Does anyone have the info?


I am a brown eyed American of Irish, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry. My (Irish) mom has light blonde hair and light blue eyes. My dad had straight, raven-black hair, medium-fair skin, and brown eyes. My Welsh great grandfather had black hair, bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, and he was from North Wales (Cerrig Y Drudion). Have you ever heard of a Pict? Yes, Catherine Zeta Jones is a quarter greek. Are John Rhys Davies and Sean Connery greek too?

I don't believe the Siberian connection, but the Welsh are certainly very close to the (North) Spanish and Irish, genetically.


Sorry I forgot to capitalize Greek. That wasn't intentional.


Very interesting to myself in particular due to my Welsh ancestry through my maternal grandfather who was a Richardes of Plais Penglais, Aberystwyth, The Richardes are of the Fourth Royal Tribe of the Royal House of Tudor of Wales and in direct descent from Rhodri the Great.
- Lady Gayle Richardes-Potter
Perth, Western Australia


Catherine Zeta Jones is not one quarter Greek check the updated Wikipedia pages. The CNN transcript is in error. Her father is Welsh and her mother is Welsh/Irish.


Yes. Catherine Zeta Jones is NOT of Greek origin. Her father is Welsh and her mother is Irish. In the CNN transcript they have her saying that her grandmother is of "north Greek origin", but if you watch the actual video of her appearance on the show, she actually says she is of "not Greek origin, but Zeta ia a Greek name".

Here is a link to the her appearance on the show:

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