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Monday, December 08, 2003

Woman 'Hasn't Slept For Eight Years'

Ananova: Woman 'hasn't slept for eight years'

Last month saw the story of the man who claims not to have eaten for 68 years, now comes the story of a woman who claims not to have slept for years. Judge for yourself.

Doctors in Romania say they are baffled after examining a woman who claims she has not slept a wink for eight years.

Maria Stelica, 54, started going to see doctors at her home in Budeasa after developing insomnia when her mother died eight years ago.

She said: "At first I couldn't sleep even though I tried because I was frightened I would dream about my mother, but after a while I did not need it anymore, and not even sleeping pills can put me to sleep now."

Doctors, who have run clinical tests, confirmed her story appeared genuine but could offer no medical explanation for her condition.

One told newspaper Curierul National: "We cannot understand why she cannot sleep. We cannot explain this phenomenon."


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