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Monday, February 23, 2004

Student Claims Longest Paperclip Chain World Record

Ananova: Student claims longest paperclip chain world record

A US university student is claiming the world record for the longest paperclip chain made by an individual in 24 hours after linking 40,000 of the metal objects.

University of California-Davis undergraduate Dan Meyer says he "isn't tired, (just) relieved" that he has topped the previous world record by almost 2,500 feet with a 5,340-foot paper clip chain - one paperclip every 1.60 seconds.

Throughout, he only took five short breaks, the longest of which was five minutes. After just 12 hours, Meyer broke the world record, but continued to persevere until, half an hour before the deadline, he accomplished his personal goal of breaking one mile.


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Im gonna break your record no matter what it takes!

Vinay Tailor

hi, i just want to know how many paper clips you used to do your paper clip chain plz reply to my email asap as i am trying to beat your record and i wil beat it hahaha well i will try ha any way thanks for your help reply asap plz

vinay tailor

hi, lol sorry but i didnt read all of the sentences so i just read it and found out hw many paper clips u used so dont worry about writing back


me and my brother want to know how many paper clps it toke Meyer to make his cain
so plz reply to my email asap



Tiana Abdullah

congratulations on your paper clip chain! it must have taken a very long time!

DS boy

If I was to break the record, do I have to do it in an amount of time.

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