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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Pick Your Nose And Eat It To Stay Healthy!

Yahoo! Pick your nose and eat snot to stay healthy!

It may sound weird, but an Austrian doctor believes that picking your nose and eating what you retrieve is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, an Innsbruck-based lung specialist believes that people who pick their noses with their fingers are healthy, happier and probably better in tune with their bodies.

He says society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking and encourage children to take it up.

"With the finger you can get to places you just can't reach with a handkerchief, keeping your nose far cleaner.And eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body's immune system," Ananova quotes Dr. Bischinger, as saying.


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That's not only weird that's disgusting GROSS!!!


But I want to know how many calories there are in snot!


i know it may sound weird to look at me u would never know i have such a habit.... however may have nothing to do with that but my brother and i have done it all our lives and neither one of us are hardly ever sick


I agree with the other who has posted. It is a weird thing to pick your nose because society has made it that way! I work in the medical field and have always descreetly picked my nose. I have been healthy and feel charged following this perfectly normal thing. Why would your finger fit so perfectly in the nasal cavity? There of course is a logical reason! It is healthy and soothing as a massage is and cleans the nasal cavity. Just clean your hands well before this task.


I can't help but pick my nose. That's because the nuggets that I dig out are made of gold. I have made a good living off my boogers. It's a shame I can't eat my boogers to stay healthy. If anyone would like to save their boogers in a jar and send them to me to eat, I would appreciate it. E-mail me for my address. I will send you a check for the jar and postage. You will reap benefits from the joy of nose picking. Gather your family members around for an evening of nose picking. It's a good bonding activity. Don't bother saving me all of your boogers, just every fourth one or so. That way, you can get the health benefits too. I would like to show off my "gold" boogers, but none of the talk or news shows will give me their time. One problem I have been having is that the boogers are pretty rough on the inside of my nose. I have a couple of sores from all the digging. I've also heard that since Ashlee Simpson has had a nose job, she gets gold nuggets too. That would be hot to see her pick her nose. She's hot! Hasta luego.


I have picked my nose my entire life of 24 years and I like it. but I never thought that it could be boosting my immune system. I am the only one in my family who never gets sick when everyone else does and strangely enough I am the only one who picks and eats boogers. call it coincidence but maybe it's true. eating the dead bacteria and such works like a vaccine to all that crap i breathe in. must be why I am so healthy all the time when nobody else is.


ew how can you actually say this keeps you healthy? i heard boogers have like 1,000 calories. that's so disgusting you all have problems


My name is sue
I have picked my nose for as long i can rember and love picking my nose. I am 42 years old


could you please give me the E-mail address to the Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, about me picking my nose Sue my E-mail address is thank you sue


ha wow, i heard about the healthy part of it..but i really never knew how many other people pick and eat they boogers as well. Thats awesome. And now i just dont plan on stopping. I really enjoy it. And ive tried to stop but im so used to having a clear nose free of sharp or anything in my way of my breathing. Its great. Wheres the satisfaction in blowing your nose. You didnt work for any of that. lol! funny but true.


Yes, I have picked my nose and atr it all my life. I was always told it was wrong. I am happy to hear I am not alone.


I have a little container of boogers (with a bit of ear wax as well) I'm saving for posterity, but I'd never dream of eating them -- yechhhhh.


i'm 15 and pick my nose and eat it i can't stop the problem if i get nose bleeds any1 ever had tht??

Tori Guelledge

I LOVE BOOGERS! man dude, I love boogers soooooooooooo much. They mean a lot to me, I cherish every booger I pick, chiseling a tiny nibble with my tooth. With doing that I experience the great salty wonderflavor therefor and get to save some for a bedtime snack. These little savory morsels make my world go 'round. I LOVE BOOGERS!! I LOVE BOOGERS!! I LOVE BOOGERS!! But seriously, soon I will most likely set up a booger convention and get together all my fellow booger lovers, so we can share the love of the natural nuggets found in the golden pits ofour nostrils, oh what a wonder. In our gorup, we can look at the different boogers of people in our club, and appreciate the different types of boogers we have in our society. This all may sound silly to you all, but people don't take the time to recognize the little life hiding unrecognized in our nose! PAY ATTENTION PEEPS! boogers have a life too! they need us! without us they are nothing, and because of people like me, they get a second chance in life. When you eat your boogers you are swallowing them and they are born again! They will adore you for this, and continue to help you and give you a better life. Boogers are our friends people, and I think hat I'm in love with boogers. I'm tearing up right now as I say this because my passion is to get people all around the world to join in and rejoice and cellebrate the greatness of picking your nose. That's what noses were made for. I love boogers so much. Go ahead hate me for it, don't be my friend any more, give me dirty looks, but to me I am me, yeah so what if I toot in my sleep, talk to my boogers and eat them, I love me for who I am. And my boogers appreciate me. I LOVE BOOGERS!

Ashley Pfister

Boogers stink like booty...


I love picking my nose and eating it. It gives me such joy. My girlfriend and I were discussing the other day that she thinks it's gross, and she would rather eat her own scabs, which I found repulsive... so she's a scab eater and I'm a booger eater, and together we fit well.

Anyways, eat on booger eaters of the world!

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