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Thursday, July 29, 2004

World's Longest Eyelashes

Long and luscious lashes aren't confined to humans. Just ask Buddy, the cocker spaniel. He's a record-setting dog from Michigan who holds the Guinness Book of World Records mark for the longest eyelashes. His lashes measure 4.7 inches long. The hair beat the old record by an inch.

The lashes apparently don't bother buddy and they do get him plenty of compliments during walks.


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my dogs eye lash is 5.4 inches long


=( He beat my eyelash! Haha, I have one of the longest (human) eyelashes. =)

Anna O'dell

i have an eyelash that is about 2 and one half inches u think mine might b the longest human eyelash!?

Jeffrey Mathieu

It's a Cocker Spaniel! I mean come on!

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