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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Unveils Desktop Search Engine

Google seems to be on a role lately. First came Google Print, next came Google SMS and now after a year of development they've released Google Desktop.

Google Desktop allows users to search through emails, chat messages, Office documents and IE history files. Whilst it's limited at the moment - it only search AIM conversations and IE history files - it looks like an excellent tool for searching through the mass of files that people generally tend to amass. Of course certain groups of people will no doubt claim that Google will use this tool for collecting personal information.

Marissa Mayer of Google says that the tool won't send info to Google.

"It's totally private," Mayer said. "Google does not know what happens when the hard drive is searched."

However, some people may have to carefully consider the power of this tool.

"People are going to have to think pretty carefully about this," Li said. "There are some things that you probably don't want indexed on a computer."

Update: Search Engine Lowdown has the, er, lowdown on Google Desktop. One good things about the tool is that when you add a new file to your computer, e.g. you receive a new email, it automatically gets added to the index. That way it's always fresh.


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