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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Man Has Penis Cut Off, Forgets To Take It To Hospital

IOL: Irate wife gives unfaithful husband the chop

A young Thai man lost his penis to his knife-wielding wife, who then forgot to bring his severed member with him to hospital, fatefully delaying a re-attachment operation on Monday.

Sornlam Yotbanya, 24, had a heated argument with his wife Rungnapha Pongalee, 32, on Sunday night about his mistress, then went to bed and was rudely awoken hours later when his wife sliced off his member.

In Sornlam's haste to get to Bangramrung Hospital in Chonburi, 60km south-east of Bangkok, he left his penis behind in his bedroom.

Bangramrung Hospital dispatched a nurse to retrieve the severed member for a reattachment operation. Although the nurse packed the penis in ice, too many of the cells had died by the time it was delivered to hospital, killing all hopes of a revival.


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