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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Food Fight Erupts In Taiwanese Parliament

A food fight erupted in Taiwan's "parliament" on Tuesday as lawmakers quarrelling over a massive arms budget hurled their lunch boxes at each other.

"You've got no shame!" screamed Chu Fong-chih of the opposition Nationalist Party, after throwing a take-out box of chicken and rice at Chen Tsung-yi, a legislator from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party who backed the special budget.

Chen responded by accusing Chu of sympathizing with Beijing, and flung his own lunch box at her.

Taiwan's "parliament" is notorious for fistfights, with many lawmakers enjoying the media attention when scuffles break out. Chairs and shoes have also been known to fly across the chamber on occasion. - ChinaDaily


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Um, Taiwan is part of China. Racist fuck.

David Jo

You call that fighting? I've seen three year olds fight better than that. What happened to the old Kung Fu? If I have to give up my current physical strength and power just to have their longevity, I think I'll settle for a shorter life.


David is probably German... racist asshole.

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