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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Boy, 9, Learns To Spell 310-Letter Word

Ananova: Boy, 9, learns to spell 310-letter word

A nine-year-old US boy surprised his teacher when he correctly spelt out a 310-letter word in class.

Aaron Zweig was challenged to learn the word by his teacher at his school in Randolph, New Jersey, but she didn't expect him to succeed.

Teacher Ruth Kalata told the Randoph Recorder: "I told him he should come back to me when he had learned the word, thinking he never would.

"But two weeks later he was back and spelled it in front of my class. It was really a joke to challenge him, but he thrives on challenges like that."

The 310-letter word is too long to reproduce here but it starts: "Ornicopy..." and finishes: "ulinaniac".

It was apparently used by medieval scribes to refer to someone who practices divination or forecasting by means of phenomena, interpretation of acts or various other manifestations.


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I wonder if that's the longest word in the world.

Richard Barnet

I've posted the whole word. C'mon, it's not THAT long...


c'mon! 310 letters is NOT that much. The fact is that the author just does NOT know what the word is!

let me demonstrate what 310 letters look like:

Now, is that REALLY so long that it couldn't have been reproduced in the article?


oh, and the word itself is
ornicopytheobibliopsychocrystarroscioa erogenethliometeoroaustrohieroanthropoi chthyopyrosiderochpnomyoalectryoophiobo tanopegohydrorhabdocrithoaleuroalphitoh alomolybdoclerobeloaxinocoscinodactylio geolithopessopsephocatoptrotephraoneiro chyroonychodactyloarithstichooxogelosco gastrogyrocerobletonooenoscapulinaniac

yeah, right, this really IS TOO much to post! blaah!


what the fuck is this kid on?¿?




what does that word even mean? and why isnt it in the dictionary


No surprise that the kid who spelled the word is Welsh, as they have place names like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

livy and kk

This is the longest word with 1,185 letters


Zweig himself

Hey! Ok, first of all, i'm not on anything.
And second of all, I'm not Welsh!!! Who put this article on this website? All of you are so wrong about me!!!

Chris Cole

Hey Aaron! Do you know where your teacher got the word?

Zweig himself

Sorry, haven't a clue...


This kid must be a fucking loser to have nothing better to do in his time but to spell a 310 letter word. and i heard he skipped 4th grade!

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