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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kazaa Rated Worst Spyware Threat

eWeek: Kazaa Rates as Worst Pest on CA's Spyware List

Computer Associates International Inc. has launched a list of the worst spyware threats as part of a new program to combat unwanted software "pests." At the top of that list: the peer-to-peer application Kazaa.

The other top threats are Ezula's TopText reference tool, which installs ads on a user's machine;, which tracks Web usage patterns; GameSpy Arcade, which installs adware; and Download Accelerator Plus, which carries out actions such as changing browser settings, displaying popunder ads and transmitting information to a Web site without the user's permission. The most rapidly spreading pests were Gator/GAIN/Claria and Grokster.

[via Neowin]


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Kazaa-lite is spyware-free.

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