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Monday, January 17, 2005

Images Of The Champion Burger Eater

Update: Reposted again so that it stays on the front page for a few days longer.

Here's a selection of images of the 100lb woman who ate the 6lb burger.

Update (04/02/05): Here's a video clip of the huge burger.

Update (3/5/05): If you are looking for the new burger from Denny's click here.

Update (3/5/05): Here's a possible image of the new burger.

Update: Here's an image of the giant new burger.

Update (9/05/05): Here's a new picture of the giant burger.


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Andrew Denny

Not sure I could afford a girlfriend with that appetite. Not unless free burgers were the only thing she ate!

Josh Zelechoski

Would you marry me? How hot is that?


I want to know how things came out.


Wow. xD She's crazy...


Was she allowed trips to the bathroom? If so, she could easily 'polish' off a burger like that. Ahem, just make a little room and add more!! Go bulimia!


Katie ur my hero !!! What wud i do with out u!!!

Love ur Favorite Cuz
Jackie <3


That's just so cool I can't find the words to describe it. Incredible. Cheers from Sweden!


That is awesome.


Could you be.... the most beautiful girl in the world... plain to see.. (plain to see).. you're the reason that god made a girl...


Did the judges check for tapeworms? Damn!

Alice Parks

You liar!!! No way-Investigation immediately!!


wow! that "IS" hot! absolutely amazing. i'm sure it's just one of many tallents, but still very impressive.


"Where's the Beef?"

the devil

did someone say investigate
how about burgergate?


Just a burger? I mean, where are the fries?


I'm stunned. After hearing the news and seeing your picture(MAMA CITA!!), you are obviously out of my league but if you're ever slumming in Michigan look me up. I'd love to take you to dinner.


Could she eat a 12.5 pound pizza? The pizza restaurant owner will pay her $100! Saw it on Food Network yesterday.

El Bano

I feel a big one coming...


I couldn't have done it better myself!


I don't want to be around her after the digests.


I wonder if she likes IDB?


how can anyone say she's hot? She's a PIG! thats sick!!!


If she really weighed in at 100#, she devoured 10% of her body weight(burger, bun, plus fixins)...lemme see, I weigh 230#...


The sign does say 'lean beef', that's a good thing


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I'd marry her too, but she'd probably get fat ;)

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