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Monday, January 17, 2005

Images Of The Champion Burger Eater

Update: Reposted again so that it stays on the front page for a few days longer.

Here's a selection of images of the 100lb woman who ate the 6lb burger.

Update (04/02/05): Here's a video clip of the huge burger.

Update (3/5/05): If you are looking for the new burger from Denny's click here.

Update (3/5/05): Here's a possible image of the new burger.

Update: Here's an image of the giant new burger.

Update (9/05/05): Here's a new picture of the giant burger.


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She sure knows how to swallow meat


She starved herself for 2 days before eating that and she had to eat it within 3 hours.

mel my finger



Unreal....... We should have had it on tape. Streaming video would be cool. Way to go Katie ! I'm twice her size easy and NEVER could have done it.

Jake Rome

When you don't eat for a couple days doesn't your stomach actually shrink?


jesus freakin' christ.. this is just a damn shame. hope you enjoy that colon cancer, honey


Uh, it SOUNDS fun and all, but seriously, that is just absolutely horribly for your digestive tract. I guess a bunch of you guys find it attractive, (she does seem like an atractive young lady) but personally I find it a little repulsive. Although, I'm sure she's a very nice person. ;;


There is NOTHING LEAN about 6lbs of beef.

Paul from NJ

Impressive? Indeed. All while sporting a Lance Armstrong bracelet – Colon Strong! Perhaps it could alternatively be utilized to hold back her hair, while barfing?


She loves that dark meat, doesn't she.?


rock on gal - Girl Power

Tom from Nj

That’s enough poundage to have consumed a small child!

Tom from Nj

That’s enough poundage to have consumed a small child!

The Grinches 10 inches

I saw a kid eat 7 Big Macs, a large order of fries and a choco shake once, but this chick get's the trophy. That IS hot.

On the other hand... that burger would have fed a whole tsunami victim family for a week.


that is really hot!!

Ryan M

Somebody asked about starving yourself for a few days shrinking your stomach - yes it does. You are better off eating a lot everyday so that your stomach expands. And I guess if you're able to make yourself throwup that is supposed to make your stomach that much stronger. That is what gives bulimic people that little potbelly and then you wonder why they aren't superskinny.

One burger like that isn't going to kill you, and if you really feel bad about people in other countries with nothing to eat then why don't you buy a couple of those burgers and send them out there. I guarantee they won't even want to eat them.

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