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Monday, January 17, 2005

Images Of The Champion Burger Eater

Update: Reposted again so that it stays on the front page for a few days longer.

Here's a selection of images of the 100lb woman who ate the 6lb burger.

Update (04/02/05): Here's a video clip of the huge burger.

Update (3/5/05): If you are looking for the new burger from Denny's click here.

Update (3/5/05): Here's a possible image of the new burger.

Update: Here's an image of the giant new burger.

Update (9/05/05): Here's a new picture of the giant burger.


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Hmmmm, i wonder if she could eat my 6 pound sausage

joe before you went to lunch we were talking
about how women didnt get gas.
lets talk about that some more.

Donny Osmond

What would Jesus do? Probably tap that ass like a keg. YOW!

That girl's mom

Wow... that's one big burger to tackle... but in any case I would love to get together with her. :D I think Donny Osmond said it best though... "tap that ass like a keg."

That girl's mom

Wow... that's one big burger to tackle... but in any case I would love to get together with her. :D I think Donny Osmond said it best though... "tap that ass like a keg."


....only in the weird and wonderful country of america...

Oscar Sierra

This is so awesome that is sounds like an April Fool's day hoax.

Greetz from London!


She definetly the girl of my dreams, wonder if she could cook me a burger that big?


I'm Impressed.


Somebody franchise her "Burger Queen"


Thats awsome! I would love to take the challenge.

Edd from Staffordshire, UK


Another fine example of excess in America...


It is only a matter of time before the political correctness " food police" will be on this. Maybe somebody will sue if they can find a shyster to take the case. There is no lack of them!

John S.

Incredible. Reading that just made my day. It reminds me of my college days with heartattack burger eating contests - but she would of kicked the butts of everyone I know! Kobayashi better keep training.


Hey, Bobby: Way to sneak anti-Americanism into a lighthearted thread!

Paul Revere

A word of advice for the girl: WATCH OUT! That pudgey bastard Jonah Goldber totally wants to nail you!


Leave it to a liberal to take a good thing and try to make you feel guilty about it...Why should the world rise to our level when we can lower ourselves to theirs. Idiot!


that can't be good 4 u.Way 2 go Ducati LOL.


Um. . . how many nights of binging and purging did it take to stretch her stomach to the point at which it could contain a six pound hamburger? The skinny Japanese dude who always wins those hot-dog eating contests has to practice binge-eating and exercises his stomach regularly to keep it stretched to its maximum. There is no way this girl doesn't stay up at night on a regular basis eating EVERYTHING in sight, then sticking her finger in her throat. Sorry, I don't think that's hot in the least.

Jabba the Tutt

Shouldn't she cancel the burger order in light of the tsunami and the war in Iraq. That money could be used for more useful things.


She's a superstar! She's supafreeekeeeyyyyowwww!!! And yes, hurry up and tap that ass before it's the size of a buffet table. Soon she'll contribute to my favorite website -! Check out my contribution. Do a search using "oops - hooked it!" I amaze even myself sometimes.


WOW if she could eat a 6 lbs in 4-6hr just think what she could do with......opps never mind :)

tony s.

Whew, is it hot in here? I'm getting the meat sweats. I mean, really, it's... Aarg, my poor, coagulated heart! (Falls over, dead, but pleasantly satisfied with sweet, sweet ground chuck.) The girl's a better man than I.

big dirigible

Strange that you can't post a picture of a woman on the Internet without a bunch of guys squirting all over their keyboards. It's a big world, with room for all sorts of weirdos, many of them only an "enter" key away.

Besides, she looks brain-damaged wearing a hat indoors.


somehow I think this isn't what Lance had in mind when he started selling the LiveStrong bracelets.

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