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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Photoblogging At The Same Time Everday

09h09 is a blog where the author takes a self-portrait everyday at 0909 and posts it to his blog. Also, Ten:Ten, a similar idea, just a different time.


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Andrew Denny

Great idea. However, slightly contrived. How do we know it's exactly 24hrs later? And does it really make a difference?

I'd like to see the self-portrait, day by day, in a rigid stare-at-the-camera format, viewable in time lapse. This would allow us to see a boy grow up, a man grow old, hair grow long, at speed. Now *that* would be fascinating.



thanks for the link.
for andrew: with some "rigid" stare at the camera links inside...
bonne année 2005

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