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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Just seen over at J-Walk, is the "most popular community for mobile users on the planet" and allows you to send text messages to any phone in the world. Whilst the service sounds great there are one or two snags. To sign up you must provide them with your Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail email address and password! Yes you heard right, you allow give them your password so that they can login to your account! Why? So that they can extract all contacts and spam them with invites for the service...even if you unregister.

Some bloggers have already been stung by including Joi Ito. I can't understand why they would have done it. Granted, the invites would have come from trusted sources but when someone asks for your email address and password using an unsecure connection it should ring alarm bells. You wouldn't give your details to a suspicious looking Paypal or eBay site so why would you give them to


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I keep getting spammed by this stuff to. But I have a plan. Let's fight fire with fire, if we all work together it will work fantastically. Let's use their own software against them.

Step 1: Create a new hotmail account

Step 2: Add the following e-mail addresses, as found on the corporate website, to the address book of your new account

Step 3: Sign up for using you're newly created account

Now they will be spamming themselves. The more people we get to do this the better. Sure they will eventually block all such e-mails in their system, but that's the future, let's punish them today.

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