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Friday, April 15, 2005

Dog Spends 16 Years Living In Toxic Dump

Above is an image of a dog, known as The Auditor, who has spent the last 16 years living on a toxic waste site. I've no idea how an animal can live in such an environment.

Not a single blade of grass, nary a tree, shrub or weed can survive on the acidic crust that dominates this animal's yard. Reeking of sulfur and acidity, this is the kind of soil that eats men's boots, let alone the feet of any normal dog.

And the water here is lethal, should you suppose he walks on that.

In 1995, the deceptively calm surface of the Pit infamously claimed the lives of 342 snow geese that made the mistake of a migratory stop.

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OMG!! I feel so sorry for the poor little animal! He looks so...ummm....cute and hurt and matted. :'(

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