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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Toilet Training System For Cats

Fed up with the mess created by kitty litter and inspired by the cat "Mr Jinks" in the Hollywood film "Meet the Fockers", an Australian woman has invented a toilet training system for cats called the "Litter-Kwitter".



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this is a ridiculous environmentally hazardous idea. Who wants to use a toilet that a cat has been weeing and pooing in? Do you know how many bacteria that cats carry that we humans are susceptible to??? Not to mention the questionable practice of flushing animal waste into our sewer systems. THIS IS A BAD IDEA.
I've had an indoor cat for over 12 years... it's not that hard to keep his litter area tidy.


The last post is not a very diverse thinker. I am buying one of these cat potty trainers.

They fail to realize how much environmental waste is created by the use of cat litter and its manufacturing. In addition to the health effects on cats. There must be 20 different types of litter available, (sand, paper, clay, wood.) Many clay kitty litters can be related to a wide variety of cat health problems, including mega-bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney problems, respiratory problems, anemia, lethargy, and even death. Any basic web research and discussion with your vet will confirm this.

Litter use is further polluting our natural resources when one considers all of the plastic trash bags, plastic trays, and plastic box liners that are used.

We have a spare half bathroom in our city apartment that does not get used. This will be the one the toilet the cat uses and not the humans. Plus there is a beday (a french style women's hygiene toilet,) in the master bedroom which never gets used except to collect dirty towels. We will use this as a back up toilet for the cat on that side of the apartment.

As far as cat waste being combined with human sewage waste, this person obviously knows nothing about how sewage waste is processed. I am city engineer and happen to know for a fact that this is NOT an issue that cat potty trainers should be concerned about. (I'll spare the readers of this post the boring details of how our sewage waste is processed.)

Yes, there is a health problem for "some" pregnant women. They should not be near cat feces due to Toxoplasmosis which is an organism that can be excreted by the cat in its feces. Toxoplasmosis can cause a mild infection in the adult, which usually has no symptoms. or may be confused with a cold or flu. At certain stages (mostly in the first trimester) of fetal development it can cause various malformations in the human fetus, some very severe.

Once you have been infected with toxoplasmosis, you develop antibodies and are not susceptible to contracting the disease again. A titre test is available if you are concerned to know your immunity status. Many women who have been cat owners for years tend to already be immune though it is theorized that more than half of women are still susceptible to the disease.

Other then this most "indoor healthy cats" being fed quality food sold at the vets office, dont carry any more harmful worms, viruses and bacteria then humans.

If one does not have a spare toilet, they should simply sanitize the toilet seat after the cat uses it. I think a spray bottle of a biologically friendly sanitizer is a lot easier to use then changing a litter box and its effect on the environment a lot safer.

It seems that different and creative ways of thinking are always being squashed by shallow minds.

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