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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hippo Noodles

A song about a hippo with noodles on his back. [via]



Fuck you you piece of fucking shit. If you ever make a cartoon this fucking stupid again, we will fucking hunt you down and burn you alive with noodles. Bitch


Hipponoodles has a new homepage!!!




Addictive! At first I played this on
YouTube for my two year old daughter as she
sat on the potty. I wasn't paying much
attetntion, but then my ears perked up when
I heard the bass expansion during the
chorus.. I called my wife into the room and
we watched repeatedly, as the great variety
exposed itself with monkeys, and humming
bird, the duo harmony hippos, and then the
This is an animation to be proud of, but
most of all the music production is the
star. I'm almost at the stage where I can
sing without stuttering the phrase: I'm a
hippopotamus and I got noodles on my back.
I would really like to know how this project
started. Did you write the song first, and
then create the animation? Who is playing and singing on the track?
Thanks for the joy. You've used this media well!

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